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Latex Balloons

We are able to supply a varied selection of helium filled latex balloons that make ideal table decorations for weddings, birthdays and any other special occasion. Choose from a variety of colours plain or printed to suit your celebration.

The balloons available are as follows: -

  • Latex plain balloons
  • Latex printed balloons

Latex balloons are guaranteed to float for 12-15 hours only. If you require them to float for longer, it is possible to coat them with a solution that will allow for 3-4 days of balloon floating time. This 'coating' will cost an extra 25p for each balloon.

various balloon weights

Why not finish off your table decoration with a weight from one of our extensive range? You can choose from a variety of different shapes including star weights, foil weights, bag weights or champagne bottle weights. Most weights are available in various different colours.

Foil Balloons

We also stock foil balloons which come in all different shapes and sizes. These are priced between 2.99 and 10.00 depending on the style you choose and come filled with helium on a weight. These balloons typically float for approximately three weeks.

Standard packets of balloons for all ages and occasions are also avaialble which don't have to be inflated using helium. Each packet has an assorted range of colours and are easy to blow up.

foil balloon
packet of multi coloured balloons

Special Occasion Ballons

pink bear inside balloon in pagoda

To make the occasion extra special why not give the ideal present. Have your gift placed in a balloon and packaged in a ribbon decorated pagoda.

These start from 20.00 upwards.

blue bear inside baslloon in pagoda
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