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In store we have a variety of traditional and modern greetings cards for various occasions. If you are wanting a card with just the right verse for that special moment / person then these are the ones for you. We also stock personalised name cards as well as those for family relations which may be harder to find elsewhere.

set of funny birthday cards

Want a funny card? We have over 100 to choose from including talking cards with voices from your favourite and well known TV characters. Along with your favourite TV personalities, the ever popular 'Giggles' and 'Quitting Hollywood' cards can be found in this range of light hearted humour.


Our cute range includes the ever popular Carte Blanche ´Me To You´ selection and the new Elliott & Button range which was only released at the start of 2006. These can be ideal for people of all ages. We also stock a range of animal pictures including dogs & cats to bring out the ´AAH!´ factor in most people. As can be seen on the left we have boxed age cards and both age / relation cards with their own 3D effect.

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