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'Tatty Teddy' Me To You range

The Tatty Teddy bear is one of the most famous and instantly recognised bears in the world. The bear has become so popular that there is now a wide range of cards and collectibles available for it. In store we have a selection of ages from 18-50 including bears, glasses and picture frames etc.

Me To You Tatty Teddy character
Me To You birthday bear

Our range of bears are apt for all occasions and come in sizes ranging from 3" to 36". Popular deigns include...

  • Mum
  • Special friend
  • Happy Birthday
  • Girlfriend
  • "Love" / "Love You"
  • Get well soon
  • 18th Birthday
  • 21st Birthday
  • Seasonal bears
Me To You waterglobe

Another offering in the ever expanding range of Me To You products. Water globes are available in 'Special Little Boy / Girl' designs whilst a bride and groom is also available for a wedding gift.

Me To You birthday frame

To commemorate those special moments, a very popular range of photo frames for boys, girls and "Just For You" are available. Additionally general occasion frames and larger 18th / 21st birthday to capture those special occasions can also be found.

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